Analyzing Psychological Health and Physical Vitals of Metastasis Cancer Patients Diagnosed during COVID Pandemic in Iraq


  • Thaibia Abdul Razzaiq Medical technical college/Al-Farahidi University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Firas Aziz Rah Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, AL-Nisour University College/ Baghdad/Iraq
  • Hajer Ali Enad 3Medical Laboratory Techniques Department/AL-Mustaqbal University College, Hillah, Babil, Iraq
  • Muqdad Hussein Ali College of Media, department of journalism/The Islamic University in Najaf, Najaf, Iraq
  • Ahmed S. Abed
  • Hussein Ali Hussein
  • Zahraa Amir Abd Zaid


Background: The COVID-19 epidemic was undoubtedly the worst public health emergency of the 20th century. In addition to the rise in unnecessary fatalities and the strain on healthcare systems, COVID-19 poses a significant threat to the mental health of the entire community. Cancer is one of the largest and most urgent concerns we face today. There are physical, psychological, and behavioral components to this condition. The impacts of COVID-19 on mental health are likely to affect certain communities disproportionately.

Aim: This study intends to examine the psychological health and physical vitals of Iraqi cancer patients with metastasis during the COVID pandemic.

Methodology: For this goal, a randomized controlled study (RCT) was conducted to determine the effect of news coverage of COVID-19 on metastatic cancer patients’ psychological and physical vitals before and after exposure. During the covid-19 phase, 92 individuals with metastatic cancer were selected from hospitals in Iraq for participation in this experiment. Later, these volunteers were divided into two groups: the experimental group, which contained 46 patients, and the control group (which included 46 patients).

Results: According to the findings, physical vitals for both groups revealed a minor difference. Nonetheless, after the test, the experimental group’s anxiety level increased, whereas the control group’s anxiety level remained practically unchanged.

Conclusion: These findings indicate that the COVID epidemic severely affects the psychological health and physical vitality of individuals with metastatic cancer.