Cancer Genomics and IT Infrastructure for data storage and analysis


  • Mishal Sohail Department of Computer Science, Superior University Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Pakiza Ikram Department of Computer Science, Superior University Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan


Cancer genomics (CG), IT Infrastructure (ITI), Data Storage (DS) Analysis, Technology (T)


In the pursuit of precision oncology, the science of cancer genomics, which is distinguished by its investigation of the genetic landscape of tumors, has become indispensable. This study explores the mutually beneficial interaction between cutting-edge IT infrastructure and cancer genomics, revealing the revolutionary implications for cancer research, diagnosis, and therapy. Our knowledge of the molecular details underlying oncogenesis has been completely transformed by cancer genomics, which is based on the thorough examination of genetic material from cancer cells. The potential of precision oncology, in which therapeutic interventions are customized based on the distinct genetic composition of every patient's tumor, is contingent upon the smooth incorporation of extensive genomic datasets into the clinical decision-making procedures. Given the volume of genetic data produced by cancer research, a strong IT infrastructure that can handle issues with data management, storage, and computation is required. The research study also covers the wider ramifications of IT integration and cancer genomics in population health, epidemiology, and the moral issues related to the proper use of sensitive genetic data. It highlights the collaborative nature of this project and the need for data sharing, standardized formats, and interoperability in order to advance the subject. The research concludes by highlighting the many implications of cancer genomics and IT infrastructure, both as a scientific endeavour and as a commitment to revolutionizing cancer treatment. With science and technology coming together to drive us towards customized, targeted therapies, every genetic sequence represents a ray of hope in the never-ending fight against cancer.